Tufted Stripe stitch guide coming soon!

My parents were antique dealers, so I have been around old stuff all my life.  I was in school for a long time, studying the history of art, architecture and design.  I lived in New York for many years and worked in the American Wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, then moved to the auction world.  I ran American furniture sales  at Doyle's and then went on to Christie's, where I was Senior Specialist in 20th-Century Design.  I was an appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow for nine years, too!  Now I'm an antique dealer and appraiser and advise people on what to do with collections they've inherited or items they want to sell (you can find more over on www.JeniSandberg.com).  I know a lot about old stuff and that definitely shows in my needlepoint designs.  

Despite the efforts of my crafty mother, I came late to needlepoint.  I started stitching after leaving my job at Christie's--I finally had some time!  I saw tons of vintage needlepoint in my travels and I could have bought it, but always wanted it to be a little bigger, green instead of orange, or a purse instead of a pillow.  I found vintage books and vintage supplies and decided to give stitching a go.  I wanted pillows that would go with mid-century furniture and used patterns from the 1970s and then began to design my own.  I made gifts for friends, then started receiving commissions for stitched pieces.  And then the pandemic came and designing and stitching kicked into high gear!


My designs reflect my deep love of history, textiles, and color.  I hope you will enjoy them!