More Letters arriving over the summer!

I am now taking a small group of needlepoint canvases to finish into zipper-top bags.  I offer only one style of bag--rectangular and lined; no insets, piping, or pockets.  

Please check out finished samples on my website and Instagram account--I will do for you as I would do for myself! 
Price includes simple blocking; additional charge may apply if more blocking is needed.  
You can supply your own fabric if you wish, but I reserve the right to veto it if it is too thick, too thin, or otherwise difficult to work with.   I typically use denim or another cotton twill, velvet, or cotton duck as a backing fabric, and a lighter weight fabric for a lining (finding the right color is usually my top priority). 

I generally sew one or two rows into the stitching on the canvas, for strength and to prevent blank canvas showing at the seam.  If you don't want to lose any of the pattern, you may want to add two extra rows all around (preferably in pattern).

I will use a metal YKK zipper unless you have another preference.  I can upgrade to a better quality metal zipper for an additional $15. 
If you have a preference for a nickel (silver tone) or brass zipper, please let me know up front, otherwise I will choose what I think works best.  One thing to consider--what is the color of the hardware on your tassel and do you want the zipper to match?  
I don't provide tassels, but I like the ones from erikasleather on Etsy (Madara is the owner, she can change/combine colors for you as needed; delivery time from Latvia is usually about 3 weeks.)  I also have bamboo zipper pulls in gold or silver tone available for purchase.
I will send you a message with fabric and zipper choices.  
I will send you an invoice when the piece is finished; shipping is $10.
Turn around time is 3-5 weeks, depending on volume and if I need to order special supplies for your project. 
Please be in touch to see if there is current availability in my schedule.